Helium 10 Vs Sellics 2021 – Which Platform Is Better One?

Over the past year and a half, Helium 10 and Sellics have emerged to be the top two software that Amazon sellers are using to curate and sell products that are more needed, or bought by the public.

You are bound to be wondering what exactly makes them as desirable as they are, and what differentiates them from each other.

In this article, I aim to answer exactly these questions by attempting a back-to-front comparison of Helium 10 vs Sellics.

I believe that it’s worthy to be read and I’ve embedded each review- whether it be praise or critique, with my personal experience. You can get a detailed overview of Helium 10 in our Helium 10 Review article here.

Both the software have their pros and cons, each of them coming with a separate set of features and tools that they offer.

Through this article, I aim to guide you through choosing between Helium 10 and Sellics, both of which could be aptly used in either case. 

Helium 10

Check out


Check out
Pricing $97 $67
Best for

Helium 10 is an ultimate FBA tool for selecting a product, scaling your operation and managing your store from the ground level.

Sellics is a software that sifts through mounds of information and does its research to curate the perfect metrics

  • Product Research
  • Product promotion
  • Hijack Alerts
  • Refund and Reimbursement assistance
  • Follow-up email automation
  • Chrome Extension Tool
  • Review Alerts
  • User Interface
  • Pricing Plans
  • Cheaper budget
  • Best for debut businesses
  • Offers a free plan to its users
  • Follow-up email automation
  • Works best with amazon sellers and vendors
  • Monitor more than one facets or products 
  • Efficient tools that allow for statistical analysis
  • Good User Interface
  • Mentioning the limitations on the main website turns out to
  • The software can be slightly tricky or confusing to use
  • It does with chrome or firefox
Check out Check out

In this comparison article we will talk about: 

  • A basic overview of Helium 10 and Sellics
  • Some of the best features offered by Helium 10 and Sellics
  • Some of the best unique features offered by Helium 10 and Sellics
  • Some of the best Customer Care features offered by Helium 10 and Sellics
  • Pros and Cons
  • Which offers better pricing, Helium 10 or Sellics
  • Finally, we will see which one is better for you.

Bottom Line: Sellics is a software that sifts through mounds of information and does its research to curate the perfect metrics. Helium 10 is an ultimate FBA tool for selecting a product, scaling your operation and managing your store from the ground level. Try Out Helium 10 here.

No Aspect of comparison Helium 10 Sellics
1 Keyword research Available but paid Free
2 Reverse ASIN tool Available but paid Free
3 Keyword Ranking Limited Unlimited
4 PPC Management Available but limited features More refined features
5 Review alerts Not available Available with 24×7 surveillance
6 Net profit The calculation doesn’t include customer returns and PPC fee Exact net profit
7 Customer review management Not available Available
8 Tracking of competitor’s inventory Available Available
9 Monitoring competitor’s sales volume Not available Available
10 Reimbursement and Refund assistance Available Not available
11 Follow up emails Available Not available
12 Trial/free plan Free plan available with limited features 14-day free trial, unlimited access to all features and tools
13 Basis of pricing Features used Monthly revenue on Amazon
14 Pricing Starts at $97, higher than Sellics Starts at $67, Lower than Helium 10
15 Hidden cost Yes. Depends on add-ons No
16 Chrome extension Available (Paid) Not available

Overview of Helium 10 vs Sellics

Overview of Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a software that most Amazon sellers use. It helps vendors reach the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) criteria especially for principles such as frauds, refunds, and Search Engine Operators (SEO).

Essentially what the software does is that it cuts down on your time and energy that would’ve otherwise been spent on researching products that are doing well in the market, or looking for products that customers want, and so on.

Helium 10 looks into many fields that would help you make a better and more informed choice as to what product you are offering to the market and why.

It looks into keywords that are being most looked up, keeps track of your competitors, and analyses the market response to a product that you may be interested in selling. 

Overview of Sellics

Sellics - Helium 10 Vs Sellics

Sellics is a software that is also being used by a large majority of Amazon sellers, especially those who are aiming to get into the FBA.

Sellics sifts through mounds of information and does its research to curate the perfect metrics for you and your business, to make it an extremely profitable one.

Usually, Amazon sellers would look at subscribing to multiple different software that could end up in confusion, unconstant train of information, and most importantly a loss of tremendous amounts of money.

Instead of that, Sellics offers compiles all the tools and resources one may need to better their online selling business, without leaving a hole in your pocket. 

Features of Helium 10 vs Sellics

1. Keyword Research

Keywords Research - Helium 10 Vs Sellics

Helium 10

Helium 10 becomes a sought-after software when it comes to Keyword research. Magnet, one of the most refined tools of Helium 10 will muster highly relevant keywords for you.

Magnet is credited to be one of the largest databases of long-tail keywords in the Amazon market arena that will work round the clock for maximizing your sales. 

The most glamorous feature of Magnet is that you can search keywords in sync with your product requirements and you can get customized search results using advanced filters like:

  • Word count
  • Search volume
  • Competing products, etc.


While it’s Magnet for Helium 10, on the other hand, Sellics keeps pace with Sonar. One of the most admirable features of Sonar is that it is free. Free? Yes. You’ve heard it right. Sonar is free.

It’s credited to be a stockpile of 180 Million+ Keywords.

It helps you in:

  • Identification of relevant keywords
  • Increase product listing visibility
  • Improve SEO
  • Reverse ASIN lookup that tracks competitor’s keywords
  • Prioritize keywords based on search volume
  • Free customized performance report
  • Keyword translation facilities 


Both Helium 10 and Sellics appear to be clear winners when it comes to keyword search. However, if you consider economic prudence, then Sellics will be the best for you as it comes for free. 

2. Listing Optimizer

Helium 10 Vs Sellics Listing Optimizer

Helium 10

In my personal experience, Helium 10 offers you a comprehensive guide that will give you an insight into keyword optimization, adding eye-catching image elements that attract customer attention, and pricing products. 

However, Scribbles, a Helium 10 tool dedicated to optimizing your listing comes with a plethora of admirable features viz.

  • Ensures the use of high-ranking and most accurate keyword in the product description
  • Optimizing product listing using all available terms of search
  • Ensures adherence to keyword ceiling
  • Retrieve listing drafts
  • Import listing from your Amazon account


Sellics provides you with sophisticated techniques to improve search visibility, click-through rates, and conversion rates. The listing optimizer of Sellics will aid you in:

  • Keyword discovery
  • Optimizing description and image content
  • Aims in increasing product reviews


As far as the Listing optimizer is concerned, I’ll declare Helium 10 as the winner over Sellics. Helium 10 will offer you a comprehensive guidebook along with refined features that possibly lack in Sellics. 

3. Keyword Rank Tracker

Helium 10

The keyword rank tracker of Helium 10 will help you in:

  • Tracking real-time keyword positions
  • Monitoring of selected keywords
  • User-friendly, dynamic dashboard
  • Collecting precise data on ranking, percentage changes, ranking trends, monthly searches, etc.

The most glamorous feature of the Helium 10 keyword rank tracker is its Rocket Boost feature that tracks your keyword ranking every hour for ten days.

Personally, I admire the feature that enables you to track keyword ranks over time that gives importance to historical trends and aims to use past data to predict future changes. 


Sellics keyword tracker will help you in:

  • Monitoring keyword rankings
  • Tracking how optimization efforts influence rankings
  • Track your keyword rankings and perform precise A/B testing

Sellics keyword tracker strives to boost your product visibility by ranking keywords and helping you choose apt keywords for your product description.

Moreover, it helps you to increase your keyword ranking that ultimately results in increased sales. 


Again, I’d say that Helium 10 has a comparative advantage over Sellics when it comes to Keyword Tracking.

The sophisticated features like rocket boost and tracking past keyword rankings tend to overshadow the features of Sellics keyword tracking. 

However, you’ve ceilings on keyword ranking imposed on Helium 10 according to the tier you purchase whereas you’re enabled to search for unlimited keywords as far as Sellics is concerned.

Therefore, when it comes to cost competitiveness, Sellics is the clear winner. 

4. Financial Analytics

Sellics Analysis of Helium 10 Vs Sellics

Helium 10

Profits is the Helium 10 tool dedicated to Financial Analytics.

The most noteworthy features of the same based on my experience are:

  • Full integration with your Amazon account
  • Track profits, sales, inventory, cost, and trends
  • Everything will be clearly presented in an easily comprehensible manner in a dynamic, user-friendly dashboard
  • Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and annual financial analytics
  • Instant identification of increasing/decreasing sales


The fundamental properties of Sellics financial analytics are:

  • Tracking of profits in real-time
  • Sales performance analysis
  • Compare return rates and revenues
  • Compare sell-in and sell-out figures
  • Automated PPC campaigns
  • Review notifications


Full integration with your Amazon account and the availability of a user-friendly dashboard tempts me to declare Helium 10 as the winner again.

However, review notification is a stellar feature of Sellics that I’ll be analyzing later.

In addition to that, the profit calculation fails to include customer returns and PPC charges as far as Helium 10 is concerned. 

5. Inventory Management

Helium 10

Helium 10 inventory management gains ground as it will back you in:

  • Taking care of replenishment and sales
  • Automated and timely quantity updates
  • Precise restock suggestions and forecasting
  • Avoid stockouts and overstocks
  • Works beyond the scope of inventory management- caters to all business processes in a lower pay


Sellics will help you in:

  • Calculation of reorder rates based on sales velocity and lead time
  • 90-day reorder pipeline that helps you plan your resources and replenish your stock accordingly. 


Coming to inventory management, it’s undeniable that Helium 10 has more refined features than Sellics but it lacks features for resource planning and hence, it’s difficult to declare any one of them as the winner.

6. PPC Ad Automation

Helium 10

Helium 10 helps you to:

  • Run successful PPC campaigns through precise suggestions, logical campaign management and real-time metrics
  • Improve Ad performance through logical suggestions
  • Gain an insight into how your Ads are impacting your sales
  • Manage your budget using Ad Manager

Helium 10 is also Android/iOS compatible that will help you track your advertisements anywhere, anytime. 


Sellics help you in:

  • Saving time
  • Getting higher returns on investments in Ads
  • Analyze the real-time performance of your ads in a given period 
  • Analyze the impact of your ads on your sale
  • Optimize the results for profits
  • Automated keyword migration for using them on your Ads
  • Managing keyword bids 


As far as PPC Ad automation is concerned, I’ll say that both Helium 10 and Sellics perform very well with refined techniques and state of the art data analysis but Helium 10 lacks certain crucial PPC automation and management features that’s present on Sellics.

This makes me declare Sellics as the winner.

Some More Unique Features

Helium 10

1. Product Research

Black Box is a tool of Helium 10 that is devoted to product research. Its features are:

  • 20 free uses
  • Colossal database thronged with 450+ million products
  • Filters
  • Search by categories like sales revenue, price, rating, and more
  • Precise results in seconds
  • Strategic data to propel your business forward. 

2. Product promotion

Helium 10 doesn’t have a specialized tool that looks after your product promotion and marketing but this can be achieved with the help of other tools like Cerebro and Magnet.

In addition to that, sophisticated PPC Ad management techniques will serve the promotional activities of your product, and follow-up email automation features help you in establishing effective communication with your customers. 

3. Hijack Alerts

Alerts is a specialized tool of Helium 10 that will give you hijack alerts. Its features are:

  • Hijacker and product monitoring
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Instant alert on tracking counterfeits
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Automatically import your ASINs into ‘Alerts’

4. Refund and Reimbursement assistance 

 This feature will help you in:

  • Simplification of Amazon seller refund protocol
  • Pre-written expert messages for seller reimbursement requests
  • Calculating refund estimates in seconds
  • Comparing previous reimbursements and current reimbursements
  • Making precise reports

5. Follow-up email automation

Helium 10 Vs Sellics Email Authentication

This feature will offer you a dynamic and easy-to-handle dashboard and it will ensure better customer relations.

Customers are the building blocks of a business and happy customers are the building blocks of a successful business.

The features of follow-up email automation are:

  • Establishing effective communication with customers
  • Reviewing orders
  • Setting automation
  • Building templates
  • Managing products
  • Immediately answering your customer queries
  • Write your own emails
  • Pre-written and quality-specific email content

6. Competitor Analysis

Learning from your competitor is one of the best ways to attain success.

Cerebro, a constituent tool of Helium 10 will serve this purpose.

It’s a reverse ASIN tool that will help you in:

  • Analyzing the keywords of competitors
  • Analyzing keyword search volume
  • Estimating sales per keyword required to land your product on the very first page of Amazon.

7. Chrome Extension Tool

Helium 10 offers you five chrome extension tools that will offer you highly accurate data.

They are:

  1. X-Ray for product search
  2. A precise profitability calculator
  3. ASIN tracker
  4. Real-time review analysis- for competitor reviews and spotting product issues
  5. Inventory management


1. Review Alerts

Sellics Review of Helium 10 Vs Sellics

Sellics review alerts will give you a live alert on product reviews and updates you on revised reviews and responses to your reply.

This feature will help you to:

  • Manage customer feedback 
  • Act immediately on getting a review alert
  • Prepare quality and personalized customer reply free from the usual unthinking cliches and regular Amazon cock-a-doodle-doos
  • Filter reviews according to the star rankings
  • Download and store review-analysis for future references. 

Customer Care at Helium 10 vs Sellics

Helium 10 Vs Sellics Customer Care

Helium 10

Helium 10 has a well put together customer care service that is open 24/7. The responses are fairly immediate and work well with people especially when facing difficulties or have doubts and queries.

The procedure to contact customer support is also fairly simple. All you have to do is email them at the required email id that you can find on their official website, and expect a response within twenty-four hours. 


Sellics has multiple platforms through which you can contact customer support. Each need has a different email id to address.

The website provides you with information on all their social media through which you can get in touch with them, as well as their email and mail address, in case you want to post a physical letter regarding your concerns.

Each mode of contact, of course, has a different response time. This being said, they have a chatbot on their official website that also does that job of customer support and receives the fastest responses.  


Overall, both the software have their own set of customer support that both work in a reasonable time frame.

However, Sellics does seem to be more efficient in terms of splitting its team up as per specialties and having multiple platforms to contact them through. 

Pricing at Helium 10 vs Sellics

Helium 10 has a number of plans and packages to choose from. The plans are the Free Plan, A-la-Carte Plan, The Platinum Plan, The Diamond Plan, and the Elite Plan.

Helium 10

Helium 10 Product Pricing - Helium 10 Vs Sellics

  • Free Plan 

The free plan allows users to experience and try out all the features offered by Helium 10, without having to pay for it. The purpose of this plan is to work as a trial plan, however, this one lasts for life.

The free plan is limited in the number of uses that you get per feature. This means that you can only avail of the benefits of certain features a certain number of times per month. 

  • A-la-Carte Plan

This plan doesn’t have a set price for its users to pay. As its name suggests, you can customize your plan with only the features that you want. This being said, a few features aren’t available in the a la carte plan.

In this plan, it is easy to choose only the tools that are of utmost need to you and you get to see how much you are required to pay per tool for each month, before signing up for the plan itself.

  • The Platinum Plan

The platinum plan comes at $97 per month. This plans all the features that Helium 10 has to offer, except Multi-user login, members-only training, high-level workshops, and access to a private Facebook group.

Apart from this, the follow-up features are also restricted to 5000 emails per month.

  • The Diamond Plan

The Diamond plan starts at $197 per month. This plan doesn’t include Monthly members training, in-person workshops, or access to the private Facebook group. Other than that, all the features are included, and the follow back emails are increased to 15000 emails per month. 

  • The Elite Plan

The Elite Plan starts at $397 per month. This pack includes everything that Helium 10 can offer, without any restrictions. It can cater to up to 50000 follow up emails per month. 


Sellics Product Pricing - Helium 10 Vs Sellics

Sellics offers its users a 14 day trial period. The plans that you could choose from on Sellics, is based on the amount of your annual sales volume. There are five brackets that your business could fall under.

Each of the brackets has three types of packages you can avail of. The first package is the monthly payment, the second one is the biannual payment, and lastly is the annual payment. 

Pros and Cons

Helium 10


  • cheaper budget
  • Best for debut businesses
  • offers a free plan to its users


  • Mentioning the limitations on the main website turns out to not attracting customers to 



  • Offers extremely efficient tools that allow for statistical analysis as well
  • Works best with amazon sellers and vendors
  • Allows users to monitor more than one facets or products 


  • Doesn’t work well with Safari as well as it does with chrome or firefox
  • The software can be slightly tricky or confusing to use, especially for newbies in the field.

Quick Links

FAQs | Helium 10 Vs Sellics

🤷‍♂️How can software such as Helium 10 and Sellics improve my sales on Amazon?

This software is designed to give you accurate and thoroughly analyzed data that will give you the resources and information that you may need to make more rational and informed decisions. Both this software will keep track of where the customer traffic is going, what product is selling most, and it will also keep an eye on your competitors. This allows you to be at the top of your game as you will know exactly what it is that you need to change in your style of business.

🙋‍♀️Do I get a demo of the offers?

As mentioned above, Helium 10 offers its users a free plan that gives you almost all features, with a lot of limitations per month. You could at any point upgrade for a paid plan. Sellics on the other hand, gives you a 14 day trial period for whatever plan you may choose, after which you will be required to pay the amount.

🙎‍♂️When can I cancel my plan?

For both of the software, you can cancel your subscription at any point. However, you will be charged till the end of the period, whether it is monthly, biannually, or annually.

🙋‍♀️What percentage does Amazon take per sale?

Amazon pays $0.99 for each item sold for individual sellers. Professional sellers pay variable closing fees and referral fee percentages ranging from 6% to 25% .

✅What percentage does Amazon charge to sell?

Amazon charges a referral fee for each item sold. The amount depends on the product category. Most referral fees are between 8% and 15%.

⁉️ Is selling on Amazon worth it?

YES! If you are serious about making money selling on Amazon.

Conclusion | Helium 10 Vs Sellics 2021

It is always a safer bet to opt for software that can help better your product and invest your money in certain goods.

It might seem like a large amount of money that is escaping you, however, using tools such as Helium 10 and Sellics only promises more than that you would have invested into the software itself.

With the in-depth analysis and all the tracking, you are bound to make more informed and safer bets that could get you more money and traffic in terms of customers. 

Helium 10 is an ultimate FBA tool for selecting a product, scaling your operation and managing your store from the ground level.Sellics is a software that sifts through mounds of information and does its research to curate the perfect metrics


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